Spicebird is a new kind of barbeque experience is the heart of D'Mall Plaza on Boracay Island, Philippines. 

“PIRI-PIRI,” “PERI-PERI,” or “Bird's Eye” is a the name of a bad-ass little chili from Africa that brings explosive flavor to every dish it touches. Out of this, the Portuguese made a fiery sauce that is so good that it has travelled continents.

We at Spicebird make our own Piri-Piri Sauce and use it on new dishes to take you an exciting culinary journey. From Pork, Chicken and Shrimp Boards to Sandwiches, there is something for everyone in Spicebird. 

Unit 108 D'Mall Plaza, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, PHILIPPINES

Spicebird: the finest Piri-Piri Chicken on the island of Boracay

- Ourawesomeplanet.com

Expect the same quality and consistency as Spicebird’s sister restaurant, Sunny Side Cafe, when it comes to their generous servings of pork, shrimp, or chicken piri-piri that come with a variety of sides and condiments The fact that it's in Boracay places me in a heightened state of yearning; the feeling of a long distance relationship that gnaws and haunts your memories and shatters your heart as your reminisce those good times - how each crackle of their piri-piri dressed chicken skin sent shivers up and down my spine, or how each kick from their cheeky homemade sauces just escalated the entire eating experience. Not to mention, their sandwiches and piri-piri boards also made an indelible impression.

- Pepper.Ph

At this popular D'Mall restaurant, Piri-Piri (bird's eye chilli) takes center stage, along with well-seasoned grills. And don't skip the signature sauces at SpiceBird, because a taste of them will leave you hungrier for more - and ordering bottles to bring back home. 

- Click The City

Spicebird demands that you come hungry, and come with your tastebuds ready for boldly spiced food.

- Grid Magazine

Conveniently located at D'Mall, this Piri-Piri joint has a consistent following....Don’t fret if you’re not into spicy food as “spiced” doesn’t mean “hot” but a greater depth of flavor.

What keeps people coming back are their signature sauces - I recommend Hotbird and Piri-Piri for those who want more of a spicy kick to their meals

 - Mabuhay Magazine

...savor the juicy and tender meat of their Piri- Piri Pork definitely a must-try if you are craving for that grilled pork goodness

- Boracay Sun


Go to D'Mall (Budget Mart) and walk along D'Mall Avenue towards the beach. After the small Rotunda, turn right. Spicebird is between Wokeria and Aquaventure behind the Ferris Wheel.


Walk along the beach path until you reach D'Mall. Enter the alley in between Aria and Cafe del Sol until you reach the Ferris Wheel. Go around to the back of the Ferris Wheel -  Spicebird is between Wokeria and Aquaventure.



Spicebird Piri-Piri Grill

Unit 108 D'Mall Plaza, Boracay Island, Philippines

Instagram: @spicebirdgrill